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Meta supports women around the globe who are creating change and paving the way, and on their special day, we stepped up to help Meta amplify the voices of women and demonstrate its active and ongoing support for a better world.

Meta – Celebrating Women Creating Change: News

The Challenge

As the world battled the Covid-19 pandemic, women have shown astonishing resilience across social, professional and personal fronts. We have helped unlock their entrepreneurial and social potential, to create a more resilient, inclusive and equal society.

Meta – Celebrating Women Creating Change: Text

The Solution

We helped Meta launch an inspiring campaign focused on how social media has positively empowered women. Utilizing an integrated approach, we highlighted the Egyptian women successfully building scalable community groups that transition into viable online business, and breaking barriers by creating safe spaces where the tough issues can be raised.

Meta – Celebrating Women Creating Change: Text


  • Generated impactful narrative in key titles highlighting women from diverse backgrounds, with more than 30 media stories reaching an audience of +30 million 

  • Highlighted women’s positive impact on communities by creating “Her Impact” infographic breaking down key figures of female contributions across Meta platforms

Meta – Celebrating Women Creating Change: Text
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