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Launching Bayer’s nutritional supplement, Elevit, offered a great opportunity to raise awareness of proper nutrition for healthy babies and mothers while emphasizing the company’s commitment to enhancing health outcomes for women around the world.

Elevit – Caring for Mother and Child: News

The Challenge

Nutritional requirements increase by almost 150% during pregnancy and women are at a higher risk of becoming more deficient, potentially impacting their - and their baby’s - health. This poses a particular challenge in Egypt where up to 15% of all infant deaths in Egypt can be attributed to preventable birth defects.

Elevit – Caring for Mother and Child: Text

The Solution

Alongside partnering with renowned gynaecologists and paediatricians to convey credible medical data on the role that proper nutrition can play in safeguarding the health of mothers and babies, we collaborated with two local female icons to ensure maximum message resonance with our target audiences. Famous media talk show host, Radwa El Sherbini, and renowned nutritionist Dr Cherifa Aboul Fotouh, actively took part as brand ambassadors and panelists in the launch event. The launch event was bolstered by a follow-up plan media plan spanning press, radio and TV interviews.

Elevit – Caring for Mother and Child: Text


Covered by 53 of the country’s largest media outlets including 4 of Egypt’s most widely viewed talk shows, the campaign reached a target audience of +25 million

Elevit – Caring for Mother and Child: Text
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